Advise on finding a wedding caterer

Advise On Finding A Wedding Caterer 

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Food is the main component which makes a wedding memorable. When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the leading decisions and task to be worked on, from the very beginning, is to start deciding a menu and choose a caterer. If you have opted Maui as your wedding location, you need to select a caterer and a menu which would serve the wedding guests who have traveled long distances to attend the wedding. If you have hired a wedding planner to request him to give you the references of Chefs and Maui Catering companies before you decide upon other things like flowers, music, photographer and other wedding details.


Full wedding catering services are mostly available for such kind of destination marriages providing the best of foods from all over the world. Catering is supposed to be the significant portion of the wedding budget. so know it beforehand so that you can adjust to the other wedding events accordingly. The guest list also plays an important role in deciding the menu.


A few tips that you should remember while deciding a wedding caterer are as follows.

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  • Create the menu first– A wedding has many events which are covered over a couple of days and food is needed all the time. So catering is the largest item consuming the wedding budget. It is imperative that you hire a  Maui Catering service which would cater to all the needs of the guests and wedding events for every day. If you find the budget going up when it comes to the catering you need to reallocate the whole wedding budget. The menu can be adjusted, or the guest list can be reduced to stay within the budget.


  • Beside the reception venue within your budget– The variety of dishes and items to be served for each course needs to be decided. Consider the type of service that you want to provide. Apart from the food cost, the reception budget includes the tablecloth, napkins, linen, chairs, tables, reception equipment. Also be sure that the catering price consists of the linen and the above items along with delivery charges. Mostly caterers give you a package inclusive of all the above. The packages should also include service charges, vendor referral fees, taxes and mandatory tips.


  • Pick the menu items matching the style of the wedding reception and reflecting of your personalities- The menu should be chosen as per the taste of the bride and the groom. What they like to eat should be there in the menu. Along with it, keep in mind what your guests will love to eat. You need your catering service know-how the food needs to be served, when and what kind of crockery should be used.


  • Choose a menu to serve everyone– Your guest list may include vegetarians or people with special dietary needs. catering to their needs should we made sure ahead of the time. The Maui Catering services and the catering chefs need to design an additional menu for this kind of special needs and guests.

Finding The Best Wedding Catering Service

Keeping a few points in mind would please the guests attending your wedding, and your wedding will turn out to be the most memorable event of your life. Go ahead and choose a Maui Catering service for the best foods for you and your guests. We have plenty more information on Catering for types of special events in your life at